Undead Shadows is a fast paced action zombie shooter that keeps players on their toes and tests their survival instinct. You are a survivor in the harsh post apocalyptic world looking for any means of survival against never ending waves of zombies from sun up to sun down – and even worse in between.

You can scour the city and country side looking for weapons, food and other survival items to help you stay alive just 1 wave longer. You can play with up to 3 other people over multiplayer or over a local LAN for co-op.

Each level gives the players access to an array of weapons to help fend off the fast moving zombies and the deadly giant spiders that creep up on you when the sun goes down. Everything from a head-exploding shotgun, to high powered sniper rifles as well as machine guns and rocket launchers to mow down hordes at a time.

As you kill zombies they drop money for you to pickup and use to upgrade your firepower and build defenses to help slow down the waves. Each level features a hardware store with access to wood and barbed wire to allow players to create blockades and defenses to keep zombies out and players alive for just a little while longer.

If you’re lucky, a dead zombie will drop a money bag which gives you enough funds to purchase higher powered weapons; Or they may drop the rare but very powerful airstrike radio which gives the picking up player access to a one time strike from 2 supersonic F16’s that drop highly advanced weapons that kill all zombies that are alive at the time.

With leaderboards and statistics tracking, Undead Shadows allows you to compete with your friends for bragging rights on the highest number of waves you’ve lasted as well as how many kills and headshots you’ve posted on the Undead.




Recommended Specs
Windows XP or greater with latest service packs installed
Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor @ 2.0 GHZ or better
1 GB of Disc Space
100% DirectX compatible nVidia or AMD based video card with 1GB or more video RAM
DirectX 9.0c+




Q) Which platforms is Undead Shadows available for?
A) Currently Undead Shadows is only available for Windows XP or higher. Linux and Mac support are possibilities in the future and we will keep you updated.

Q) Why cant my friends see my game in the server list when I host a multiplayer game?
A) For most cases it's probably because you're behind a router. You need to setup port forwarding on your router to tell it that all traffic sent to the UDP port 28000 needs to be forwarded to your computer. Here is a link to a handy guide on how to setup port forwarding for your router.

Q) When will Undead Shadows be released?
A) Undead Shadows is avalable now from the Ignition Games Store We will be adding more places to purchase Undead Shadows soon.

Q) How do I download the Beta?
A) Unfortunatly the Beta ended on December 13th. All Beta testers now have the full game on their account! Just go to your My Account page to download the game!

Q) If I want to follow along with development where do I go?
A) We have a development blog located at http://ignitiongames.tumblr.com.